“Bethany Saltman’s capacity for deep thinking and profound analysis has been extraordinarily helpful to me as she has undertaken research on my behalf. She uses her fine mind with galvanizing energy; she is meticulous, broad-ranging, and original, and I count myself lucky to work with her.”
–Andrew Solomon, President, PEN Foundation, author of Far from the Tree, Noonday Demon, and many others

“Bethany Saltman’s research is not just competent, comprehensive, and extremely thorough, which would be enough. It is creative and inspired. Her remarkable enthusiasm about her work and her writers’ projects is infectious. She helped me do some of my best writing.”
–Wednesday Martin, Ph.D., author of Primates of Park Avenue, and Stepmonster

“What I also got by hiring Bethany was a strategist. Bethany pushed me to map out the big picture of my brand before diving into the details, and provided coaching, asking me tough questions to keep me on task. The result was a clear idea and direction of brand and platform, which helped me land a well-known blog, meetings with important media outlets, and compelling consulting projects. Bethany is a true partner.”
–Erica Keswin, MBA, Principal, OPR

“Bethany is amazing to work with — she is extremely supportive, thoughtful and very, very smart. Bethany has been instrumental in my securing the attention of national magazines’ editors, and obtaining my own Huffington Post blog. I attribute my successes in writing to her completely!”
–Dr. Carly Snyder, Reproductive Psychiatrist

I came to Bethany after submitting my first book proposal to several agents and receiving a good deal of interest in the broader idea, but some reservations about my writing. Her insightful questions helped me to realize the underlying structure and purpose of what I was struggling to come up with myself, and her keen and meticulous editing sharpened my writing. Bethany has been an extraordinary coach and editor who has helped me to refine the proposal over the space of a few short weeks – and I now have a contract with a top-ranked agent.
Alexia Howard, Senior Research Analyst, U.S. Food, AB Bernstein

“Bethany Saltman is a fantastic ally for any writer to have. I highly recommend her work.”
–Amy Fusselman, author of Pharmacist’s Mate/8 and  Savage Park

“It was a big leap for me to actually pay an editor, out of my own threadbare pocket. Most writers have such a hard time making what could laughably be called a living, how could I spend money when I didn’t know if I could earn any? But there was a piece that was promising. When my agent said I’d have to start again from scratch (and that he didn’t have time to talk me through it), I was demoralized. But I took the leap and, when Bethany told me the same thing, she helped me see how to do it, and helped shepherd the process. Her input was astute and carefully couched, and when after 4 or 5 back-and-forths, I felt good enough to bring the piece back to my agent, he said, ‘Whomever you got to help has really brought you where you needed to go.’ All good writers are backed up by good editors, and in today’ s fast-paced, shoestring-budget publishing world, your “official” editor may hove no time to help you spit n’ polish, much less develop. Thus, a need for freelance editors. Bethany will always be at the top of my list.”
— Brigit Binns, who after publishing nineteen cookbooks, has set out to do some *real* writing

“Bethany has refined the rare ability to tune into the deeper currents of the theme about which you are asking her to collaborate on.  She takes the project up with enthusiasm and makes it better.”
Kim John Payne M.ED, author of Simplicity Parenting, Beyond Winning and The Soul of Discipline

“After Bethany Saltman interviewed me for an article about my work I knew that for once I had met a journalist of rare talent and insight who would go beyond the superficial explanations that usually followed similar interviews. I was not disappointed. After the publication of the article, I approached Bethany about editing help, and her encouragement, skill and astute guidance have been invaluable.”
–Julia Indichova, fertility activist and author of Inconceivable and The Fertile Female

“In her writing, Bethany Saltman points out beautifully the joy that pierces your heart, and the confusion of spiritual life. Talking with her and reading her work has stimulated my own reflection in subtle and unique ways.”
–Heather King, author of Parched, Redeemed, Shirt of Flame and NPR commentator

“Bethany Saltman is sharp, thorough, and curious: a dynamic combination of skills for a writer, researcher, and interviewer. Over the years I have worked with Bethany on interviews with provocative thinkers for The Sun, her own personal writing, and book proposals: she navigates professional relationships with a balance of humanity, frankness, and grace.”
–Tim McKee, acquisitions Manager, North Atlantic Books, and former managing editor of The Sun

“Bethany Saltman asks great questions. Then she really listens to the answers. Then she reflects on those answers with a personal and beautiful-to-the-point-of-unsettling level of honesty and sincerity – which necessarily includes acknowledgements of the dishonesty and insincerity that shadow the best parts of all of us. She’s honestly searching for things so big and real that it’s embarrassing to put them into words, and I think that search is a part of me too, and I think of everyone. That’s why I believe in what she’s doing and am a big fan of her work. In a world made anxious by the shouts of various angry fundamentalisms, her ear and voice are signs of good news and hope.”
–Brian McLaren, international speaker, minister, and author of several books, including A Generous Orthodoxy

“To plumb the depths of the nature and development of spiritual consciousness and conversion is no easy matter. Mystical experiences tend to be essentially ineffable. Bethany Saltman, however, brings to the table two important ingredients. One is her personal experience of practicing in a 2,500 year old mystical tradition for many years. The other is her tenacious and probing mind.”
–Rev. John Daido Loori, Roshi (June 14, 1931 – October 9, 2009), founding Abbot of Zen Mountain Monastery, and author of many books, including The Eight Gates of Zen, and The Zen of Creativity (and my first Zen teacher)

“Bethany Saltman is the type of editor that writers can’t create in their wildest, dreamiest narratives. Focused and efficient, respectful yet unafraid to prod, Bethany is a true professional. I have worked with her many times, and never have I doubted that she and I share the some goal: to make what I have written all it can be.”
— Erika Alexia Tsaukanelis, MS, MFA, award-Winning Writer of fiction and nonfiction

“I suspect that choosing an editor for my first novel felt a bit like selecting a godparent for a first born. From her initial response to my inquiry, right through to the completion of the process, Bethany embodied the Good Godparent – placing my book’s health and wellbeing first and foremost, guiding its development of wisdom and maturity, and nurturing its unique spirit. Bethany was a pleasure to work with — professional, reliable, and respectful. Her ability to zero in on the key issues, and then communicate these concerns, with such a clear focus on the improvement of the book, enabled me to take in her feedback and use it. Her clarity and diligence was balanced with a smart sense of humor that helped us get through the intense work of editing someone’ s ‘baby.” I grew as a writer and as a person from working with her, and my book is better as a result.”
— Heather Rolland, first-time author of The Blue Eft

“Working with Bethany is an adventure: her approach is bold, generous, and concise. She sees the big picture and asks the big questions, inviting me to do the some. I see my work differently through her lens and heart.”
— Rosalyn Driscoll, award-winning visual artist and poet